6 Ways a CPA Can Help a Small Business


The last three years’ worth of December business financial statements. Dedicated to keeping your business’ finances operating smoothly so you can focus on your business. If you work with an accounting firm or independent accountant, most charge $100 to $275 per hour. If price is a major concern, you may be able to negotiate a flat fee to keep the accountant’s services on retainer. A recognized and reliable source where you can look for an accountant is the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants , which has a license verification directory of CPAs. Chartered accountants tend to do commercial work within corporations, rather than doing public practice work for other entities.


The stakes can be high if you don’t get the funds you need to grow! If you’re thinking of applying for a small business loan, you may want to consider working with an accountant – even if you just have a few questions. In all loan situations, lenders want to know who’s borrowing the money, if they can repay it, and whether the bank is protected.

Be Confident In Your Business Decisions

Accounting is vital for the growth stages of your small business or start-up, and every entrepreneur must ask themselves how an accountant can help their small business succeed. From payroll expenditure to tax compliance, an accountant makes things easier in terms of business accounting issues including business formation, business proposals, loan application, and tax or auditing. If you’re not used to keeping track of business expenses, it can be easy to let things slide. If you don’t have good record keeping, it will be difficult to prepare your taxes or apply for business loans. A CPA can help you set up a system for tracking expenses and income so you can stay organized throughout the year.

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The Best Accounting Software Applications…And Other Small ….

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These should show how fast you expect sales to go up, as well as costs and expenses going up. Be sure to include your estimated payroll needs and your business building’s potential income and debt. E you’re caught up, it’s time to show the banks your financial data. Your accountant can help you gather these required pieces of information.

What does an accountant do for a small business?

Joshua Dubrow, of the New York State Society of CPAs’ Small Business Outreach Committee, said that many people’s first instinct when looking for an accountant is to turn to the internet. But he warned against just picking someone you find on Google or an online directory. “There can be a lot of loopholes that you’re not going to be aware of, especially with tax laws changing,” Cordano told Business News Daily. Here are some questions to ask and places to look when choosing a good accountant for your small business. Learn how to choose an accountant who has the skills your business needs.

On the other hand, you will be able to focus on growing your business, provide a better service to your customers, and keep up with the latest trends and developments. This can be the difference between success and failure, especially for small businesses. They’ll provide advice based on their knowledge of the industry, laws, accounting standards, and practices, and they’ll provide it with a proper risk management assessment. Review employee financial reports for compliance with company policy and ensure that the company is not paying for personal expenses. Prepare financial statements and reports, such as balance sheets and profit and loss statements.

What Does an Accountant Do for Your Business?

When applying for a how an accountant can help your business loan or credit facility, an accountant will represent your business with projections of expenses and revenue due on the funding. Calculating interests and reading the small print of a bank’s credit terms and conditions is more favorably left to small business accounting. You may be looking to buy into an existing business as a start-up and consulting a small business accountant is essential. Protect yourself from pitfalls such as inheriting a company’s debt or buying assets that are not wholly-owned by hiring an accountant who will do a forensic detailed accounts study of that business.


Here’s a brief comparison of two of the most popular types of systems. PBO has offices located in San Diego and Phoenix and serve clients throughout the Pacific Southwest. Find the right accountant for your business by contacting Pro Back Office. If your business isn’t big enough to hire a CFO but you’d benefit from tailored financial advice, you can outsource. If you are entering into an agreement with possible tax or accounting implications, it’s probably a good idea to have your accountant review the document. Providing advice on how to track expenses during your daily business activities.

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They’ll also remove or automate administrative tasks that distract you from your core business. Get an accountant and you’ll run your business with more clarity and confidence. Appropriate liabilities protect personal property from business-related debt obligations while the correct tax dockets may offset some expenses against taxation. Advice on invoicing under your name and working as a self-employed individual are some of the ways how an accountant can help a business succeed.

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