Background Checks For New Hires: What, Why, & How


Background checks allow you to make smart, well-informed hiring decisions that can save your business time and money in the long run. With a variety of services available, it’s easy to get the information you need to make confident onboarding decisions. Quite simply, background checks are an important part of ensuring the individuals you hire fit well within your culture. Each year, HireRight surveys thousands of Human Resources professionals and shares those results in our annual Global Benchmark Report.

How to do a background on a new employee?

  1. Tell the candidate you will be conducting a background check.
  2. Review state laws about background check regulations.
  3. Contact candidate references.
  4. Use a background check website to review records.
  5. Ask the candidate to take a drug test.
  6. Review the results to determine a candidate's validity.

Civil records searches are somewhat similar to criminal background checks. But while criminal background checks reveal misdemeanors and felonies, civil records show whether someone has been taken to court by another person for more minor infractions. Civil court cases involve things like discrimination, eviction, personal injury, family matters , bankruptcy, and more.

Process Involved in Background Checks in the Netherlands

Companies may request a Human Resource background report after a conditional job offer to the prospective candidate. Background screening, also known as a pre-employment screening, is the process of properly vetting job candidates, usually by using third-party professional background screening providers. These providers will use public records, credit bureaus, previous employers, and other sources to gather necessary information during the hiring process. Criminal Background checks uncover a variety of important information that can prove useful to employers looking for quality employees. Through a background check, you can receive information on an applicant’s criminal history, such as felonies and misdemeanors, along with an Identity Check to ensure they are who they say they are. Another component of pre-employment screening is credit checks, which can help you better gauge a candidate’s financial responsibility, such as spending habits and level of debt.

  • Notify the candidate that you will conduct a background check and that the results could influence your decision to hire them.
  • Employers can consult a blacklist to determine whether the applicant’s name appears.
  • Wondering what you should include when having new-hire background screenings conducted?
  • Digitisation and interconnectivity have altered the way we handle and store information.
  • A subscription allows your business to plan and budget for screening services and offers a discount over a-la-carte pricing.
  • Online people searches are a do-it-yourself form of background checks that show public information obtained online.

Protect your company and your customers against hiring the wrong people. According to one study it’s skill sets, responsibilities, job titles, and employment dates. These lies are hard to catch due to aggressive labor laws that limit what you can ask former employers, but our team knows the ropes.

What is Employment Background Screening?

If an employer finds misrepresentations or negative elements in your background check, it’s up to them to decide what to do with that information. – the CRA does not decide whether you are hired, nor does it make recommendations. You can always request a copy of your background report to better understand the reported information. However, if there are items on your resume that are complete fabrications, it’s time to come clean with your future employer.

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For example, in some states, it’s fine to use credit and criminal background checks for any employee, in others you can only perform these checks for specific types of employees. Notify the candidate through a pre-adverse action notice if the results of the background check make you consider not hiring them. Then you must allow time for the candidate to file a dispute about inaccurate results. Only then may you send a final adverse action notice in writing if you’ve decided not to hire them.

Strategies for Firing Employees: Lower Business Risk and Preserve the Person’s Dignity

Please Employee Background Screening For New Hires the contact information of your HR representative and your previous manager, if available, so that our verification teams can reach out to the proper contact. If you are a subcontractor or temporary employee at a company, please be sure to note that when you fill out the online form. It has proven efficacy at identifying qualified applicants during the hiring process but it’s important to observe the various laws that are put in place to protect the privacy of the candidate.

credit report also illegal on the federal level to discriminate against employees. This means that you cannot run a background check on employees based on their race, national origin, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, or age. Eliminate stacks of paper and reduce first-day jitters with our Employee Onboarding Services. With an online experience that can be completed on any mobile device, employees receive required forms and access to other tools to introduce them to your business policies and culture. Maintaining and updating your employee handbook can help protect your business from potential penalties and non-compliance with employment laws.

It’s important to communicate with candidates about your background check process so they know what to expect. Be open with your candidates about why you’re conducting the background check, and encourage openness in return. Let the candidate know that they’re welcome to see their background check results, dispute any inaccurate information, and add comments in writing, or speak with you, to explain any alerts. There are various kinds of professional qualifications checks that employers can do on prospective employees.

  • Our team has been helping clients make successful hiring decisions through background checks for over 20 years.
  • If you are requested to complete a background check, please review the information below.
  • A current employer, if approached, may also have knowledge of the candidate’s attendance record and performance evaluation from their supervisor or human resources department.
  • As a leading background check provider, First Advantage has one of the highest verification rates in the industry.
  • An employee background check reviews a candidate’s criminal records, driving records, and whether they are on a terror watch list or sex offender registry.

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