Negatives of Technology and Communication

Technology and communication invariably is an essential part of our lives. They make it likely to connect with people around the world.

The Internet and mobile phone devices have made it better to communicate with family, friends, business associates and coworkers. They allow you to reveal information quickly via e-mail, text messages and social media systems like Fb, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

However , the usage of technology could also have some negative effects on your associations and operate life. On this page, we’ll go over some of the drawbacks of technology and communication, which include:


Just like any way of technology, we have a risk which our devices might be used to distract us from task currently happening. This can be a time wasting activity that lessens production, and often results in less prolific communication.

Personal communication:

Besides the obvious disruptions, some people also struggle with the approach that technology inhibits being able to express emotions and thoughts in a more significant manner. This can negatively impact interactions and friendships.

Business communication:

Another positive impact of technology is the ability to help businesses communicate with buyers. With fresh tools, just like email, chat applications like WhatsApp and Messenger, and free of charge calling systems, it is much easier to provide customer support around the world.


The Internet and social media experience revolutionized just how that businesses advertise their products. Before the Internet, it was hard for any small business to realize a large audience and get their message out. At this point, businesses can easily run advertising online and reach millions of people for a low cost.

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